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You have wonderfull website
and you inspired to much

thank you.
Name : hiedda
Age : 28 Gender : Male
Location : Iraq
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Favourite Singer(s) : Josh Groban
Found Via : -n-
Post Date : Sun Dec 18 07:43:55 2005
Wow, what a great site! Masterfully worded from the short description of each song right down to the Guestbook, I was captivated. Your grandfather had the voice that I truly miss hearing today. Your site combining his music along with your gifted writing skills truly did him honor.
Name : Clarence "Xade" W. Wash
Age : 37 Gender : Male
Location : Washington state
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, others.
Found Via : Daryl
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
Daryl, we fell outta touch there, last we touched base, I was in San Francisco, and you were in Reno. Thought I'd pop by here and draw some inspiration from your wonderful hand coded crafted website. Happy to see your url is still here r l :-)
Name : HiMY SYeD
Age : 35 Gender : Male
Location : Downtown Toronto, Canada
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Oh...I dunno...Liberace?
Found Via : Met Daryl in person twice.
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
great site. like the songs
Name : stephen
Age : 17 Gender : Male
Location : ireland
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : billy corgan
Found Via :
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
I don't know if I signed this one before. But I remember him well as we worked at KCOP together for so many years. I only have good memories!
Name : Sven Axell
Age : 67 Gender : Male
Location : Nampa, Idaho
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) :
Found Via :
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
Great site Daryl. Thanks for letting me have a look into your past. Lovely memories, lovely voice. You did a great job collating and presenting this absorbing history. - Thanks
Name : Brendan Vincent Owens
Age : 45 Gender : Male
Location : Northern Ireland
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Too many to relate
Found Via : Just browsing
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
Your site is beautiful, i'll come back to explore more.thank you for sharing this legacy with us.
Name : Sarah
Age : 18 Gender : Female
Location : Tulsa, OK
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Bobby d, Sinatra, Paul Anka, all of the old greats, the list goes on
Found Via : Nay
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
I was searching for the song "You'll never know" and happened upon your website. I too have aspirations to be a jazz singer. It is a wonderful and challenging genre. I feel I know the yearning your grandfather felt as he dreamed of the stage. I also lost my grandfather recently and was overwhelmed by your tribute from many angles. His voice is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.
Name : Mira Black
Age : 35 Gender : Female
Location : Winnipeg, Manitoba
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Diane Reeves, Mel Torme, Joni Mitchelle
Found Via : Rosemary Cloony (in a way)
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
Such a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Brought tears to my eyes...the love, time and effort you put into this project. Thank you for sharing his life with us. Love you...Keren
Name : Keren
Age : 29 Gender : Female
Location : Miami, FL
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : Michael Buble, Josh Groban
Found Via :
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023
Daryl. I finally made it here and man you did a very good job of dedication to your grandfather. Glad I saw this. It is awesome.
Name : Derick
Age : 22 Gender : Male
Location : Gardnerville, Nevada
E-Mail Website
Favourite Singer(s) : N/A
Found Via :
Post Date : Wed Jun 28 14:07:41 2023

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