Irving Gushin, 1938 (age 19)

"You'll never know just how much I miss you...."

-- Mack Gordon, You'll Never Know

       My grandfather, Irving Gushin, sang the above words into a phonograph recorder over a half-century ago. Long before the advent of consumer tape recorders, my grandfather and his contemporaries visited commercial recording booths where they recorded their voices for posterity, onto old 78 acetate records. You'll Never Know, a film theme popular in the 1940's, was one of several old standards that he recorded over the course of that decade.

       Although he had aspirations of joining the
club circuit, those dreams of his never materialised. Having relegated singing to just a hobby, he found employment as a film editor with Los Angeles television stationIrving Gushin at KCOP-TV, May 1975 (age 56) KLAC, whose call letters would later change to KCOP. He would stay with KCOP for twenty-five years, until his involuntary retirement at the age of 59.

       My grandfather passed away on December 1, 1980, a mere seven days before the tragic death of the legendary John Lennon. Like John Lennon, my grandfather had a deep appreciation for music and a love for singing. Unlike Lennon, however, Irving Gushin never got to realise his dreams of artistic achievement. By this web site, I hope to honour my grandfather's memory, as well as to share with the world a beautiful voice that it would otherwise never hear....

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